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We offer adhesive for the following markets:


The COOL-LOK family of specialty adhesives is the only line of low- temperature products in the adhesive industry capable of meeting your specific requirements for bonding integrity, productivity, cost in use and safety.

The adhesives provide full hot melt functionality at 250°F, 100° cooler than traditional 350°F adhesives. This enables you to improve safety and reduce maintenance and energy costs while handling a wide range of packaging requirements.

Safer operation. Reduced maintenance costs and downtime. The right adhesive for your requirements.

Applied at 250F COOL-LOK is the industry leader in case and carton sealing

For more information: Technomelt COOL


A wide variety of the industry standard 350F hot melt adhesives for a variety of case and carton sealing applications.

  • Tray Forming
  • Case Forming
  • Freezer Rated Applications
  • Bliss Box
  • Wax Coated


  • We carry a full line of hot melt and liquid labeling adhesive
  • Substrates: Glass, PET, HDPE, & other various plastics
  • Hot Melt, Resins, Non-Casein, Casein, Jelly Gums, Vinyl-Dex
  • Rotary, Picker, Roll thru hot pick-up, Direct transfer, Stencil

For more information: Henkel Optal XP77Henkel Optal XP7010


Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Ideal for lining, tight backing, tipping and hinge applications
  • Perfect Binding
  • PUR Hot Melt Adhesive
  •  Rubber based adhesives for difficult substrates  – IGEN printed papers


  • Resin-based adhesive
  • Provide excellent adhesion to foil and some poly laminated stock.
    Designed for general packaging applications which involve high speeds and/or difficult substrates
  • Meet composition requirements as an Indirect Food Additive
  • With a UV indicator, it’s easy to check the bead width and location.


Hot Melts

A wide variety of hot melts for applications

  • Filter manufacturing
  • Edge banding
  • Panel forming
  • Foam bonding
  • Profile wrapping
  • Any other fast setting requirements


High performance PVA adhesives designed for cold press applications.

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